2018 Cycle 1 Retest Week Day 2


<div class="soswodify_component_comment" Warm-up
3 Steady Rounds
5 Snatch Balance 95/65lbs
20 Walking Lunge Steps
10 Toes to Bar

Strength and skill
Overhead Squat (3x max reps)
3 Attempts at Max Rep Bodyweight Overhead Squat
Rest 3:00 Between Efforts
Scores are best set AND total reps across 3 sets.

Elizabeth (Time)
Clean, 135# / 95#
Ring Dips

Accessory work

<div class="soswodify_component_comment" Strength Accessory
Max Distance Farmer’s Carry in 4 Minutes
70/53lb KB in each hand.

Extra work

<div class="soswodify_component_comment" Work
For Time:
Bike 100 Calories