2018 Cycle 2 –Retest Week Day 3


<div class="soswodify_component_comment" Warm-up
Steady Through
2:00 Banded Glute Activation
3:00 Row
30 Push Press 95lbs

Strength and skill

<div class="soswodify_component_comment" Strength
In 10 Minutes
Find 1RM Push Press
In 10 Minutes Find 1RM Split Jerk
(Use Rack or Blocks.)

Push Press (1 rep max)
Split Jerk (1 rep max)

Every 3 Minutes until failure
Row 20/15 Calories
12 Thrusters 115/85lbs
3 Pull Ups
Rest remainder.
Increase Pull Up reps by 3 each interval.

Accessory work

<div class="soswodify_component_comment" Accessory
For Time:
100′ Sled Push
Heavy AF
Make sure weight and conditions are exactly the same as they were during test week.