2018 Cycle 2 –Retest Week Day 5


<div class="soswodify_component_comment" Warm-up
2 Steady Rounds:
20 Banded Good Mornings
15 Pull Ups
1k Bike

Strength and skill
Olympic Lifting Total
Power Olympic Lifting Total

Find 1RM Power Snatch
Find 1RM Power Clean + Push Jerk

For Time
50 Burpee Box Jump Overs 24/20″
40 Overhead Squats 155/105lbs
30 Bar Muscle Ups

Accessory work

<div class="soswodify_component_comment" Accessory
Misfit Athletics Handstand Walk Test
Complete 2 Laps of the handstand walk course:
25′ Handstand Walk Forward
15′ Handstand Walk Sideways (leading with right side)
25′ Handstand Walk Backwards
15′ Handstand Walk Sideways (leading with left side)

Keep track of total time, and the number of times you come down.